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I want Change :')
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 ✿ 04:15 ✿ 0 Royal Person (s)

Change ? What ? I want Change mySelf ? it's that Right ?
Arrrghhhh ! *CrazyStressFrust

Whay All this Happened to me ?
Why , Why ?
I'm so Confused thinking about mySelf .
I have a Big Dream , but why ..
I felt that my Life is useless :'(
i'm so sad about mySelf , why my life is not Happy like everyone else ?
why , i must cying everytime , everyDay ?
Where is my Happiness ? Where !!

I realy2 Hope that i will strong to handle this Problem . .
Thanks Allah cuz Always help me though the other people don't know my problem :')
#Only Allah can felt my Feeling now 


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Little Disclaimer;

I still hope that the prince will find me. Put my feet into the glass slipper. Kiss me gently. Lead me to the castle. And I still hope that the prince is you. Because I still your Cinderella. And I will waiting as long as I can.
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